My son had anxiety and was unable to take meds for it.  He had reactions to all anxiety meds.  He was struggling to handle day to day tasks because his anxiety was so extreme.  

After emailing Cristina, she was the only person I found who explained what she would be doing and she would do the initial exam at no charge.  Her rates were also the most reasonable.  

My son is now able to handle age appropriate tasks with a mild amount of anxiety.  He is now able to use other strategies to help himself because he is not overwhelmed by his anxiety.  

We had tried meds, therapy, natural remedies, and meditation--all of those were band-aids.  They didn't change his anxiety, they just masked it.  Neurofeedback changed how his brain functions.

I liked the fact that we were going to create a change in his neuropathways that would be long lasting and would mean he could enjoy his life. I have seen my son's confidence grow, his enjoyment for life expand and he can just "be" without worrying.  

Cristina is wonderful. She makes my son feel comfortable and safe.  Her office is as cozy and warm as she is.  She talks to my son, not at him and she explains what she is doing. I would absolutely recommend A Mind of Your Own. Neurofeedback changed my son's life.  He is able to do the activities he loves without the weight of his anxiety holding him back.  

--Shannon D

My daughter was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder, PDD-NOS and Anxiety at age 7, we were given a sensory diet to follow and it was suggested that we try Neurofeedback to help relieve her anxiety.  She handled the session very well, all she had to do was watch her favorite movie and her brain would do the rest!  We left the office hopeful, knowing it would take more than a single session to see results.  But on the way home my usually silent child was talking, calmly and clearly telling me all sorts of things about what she was seeing on our ride home. It was incredible!


With this new-found comfort, communicating things became much more manageable. She was able to ask questions and tell me what was worrying her, and I was able to help her better cope with her anxiety. We continued with Neurofeedback to help with sleeping issues and depression. My husband and I tried it as well to help with our own anxiety. It has made a huge difference in our lives.

We began seeing Cristina Berard for Neurofeedback sessions to help with my daughter’s symptoms of anxiety and depression.  She has been diagnosed with ASD and of all the therapies we have tried, Neurofeedback has made the biggest impact on our everyday lives.  It has helped her communicate better, lower her anxiety levels and boost her mood.  Cristina has a wonderful way with her and this makes appointments enjoyable.

--Kate B 

I have generalized anxiety disorder.  I chose A Mind of Your Own Neurofeedback because my little brother was going here and it seemed to help him immensely.   I used to have a lot of panic attacks and haven't had one since I started this treatment.  I have tried normal therapy and hypnotherapy and neither have helped as much as this. I like this approach because there isn't a lot of steps to remember and I'm much calmer and happier. I find this therapy extremely helpful and fun. I would and have recommended A Mind of Your Own Neurofeedback because it has done so much for me. ​ 

--Adam V

I couldn't do stuff I wanted to do like going to my grandparents and sleeping over and going to school was hard. Neurofeedback allowed me to do stuff I wanted to do but couldn't because of nerves and anxiety. I liked the experience, I like to sit and watch movies. What's not fun about watching a movie?

--Cameron D