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Our Peak Performance Program is geared to helping clients improve their lives.  Whether you're a busy executive needing to manage stress, an athlete wanting to improve your game, a student trying to improve your grades or a stay at home parent feeling overwhelmed, neurofeedback therapy can help.  We begin by assessing the brain for any imbalances.  Among other things, an imbalance in brainwaves can affect how well we deal with stress and our ability to focus, which in turn affects how well we deal with day to day activities.  Essentially this type of training optimizes brain function. 

In addition, we offer life coaching services, where we focus on clarifying goals.  Our clients are given exercises that identify their strengths, weaknesses and values. Once they better understand these core issues, they achieve goals with more clarity.  

These sessions are a safe place to explore what's been holding you back and facilitate growth towards creating a more balanced, successful and fulfilling life. 
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If you're feeling stuck and unmotivated, peak performance coaching at A Mind of Your Own, can help change that. Clients have an innate ability to discover their own solutions when given the necessary support.  Peak Performance Coaching promotes your capacity to learn, improve and enhance your quality of life.  

We use a comprehensive approach that begins with regulating brainwaves which  optimizes your ability to think more clearly, problem solve more efficiently and remain centered when external conditions become  stressful.  It also helps improve motivation and energy levels, as well as improve sleep.  Quality of sleep affects every area of life.  

By first targeting any underlining imbalance with neurofeedback therapy, we create the stable foundation needed to learn and improve. We refer to this, as a bottom up approach.  
In addition, we also teach skills, and use exercises that help you identify what your goals are in life and in work.  Peak Performance Coaching combines these modalities to provide an effective program to help you reach your true potential.

So whether you're trying to work your way up the corporate ladder or are an athlete who wants to improve your game, or are looking to start a career, or are a student heading to college, The Peak Performance Program at A Mind of Your Own, can facilitate the process.  


Peak Performance Sessions

It's important to meet twice a week as often as possible, for the first 10 sessions. This is because neurofeedback training works through operant conditioning which requires repetition for the brain to create healthier neural patterns.  

Most clients improve by the end of 20 sessions and are satisfied with their progress at that point.  
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Peak Performance Coaching Fee


50 minute session:  $150.00


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