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Wellness Coaching helps clients discover and clarify, what it is the client wants to achieve.  A coach encourages self discovery, facilitates client-generated strategies and ideas, and holds the client responsible and accountable with respect and compassion. If you're feeling stuck and unmotivated, wellness coaching services can help change that. It is akin to getting a well warn bicycle, cleaning it up, greasing the gears and giving it a fresh coat of paint.   


A Wellness Coach recognizes that clients have an innate ability to discover their own solutions when given support. Through an holistic approach, clients learn, improve their performance, and enhance their quality of life, physically, mentally and spiritually.


Wellness Coaching is a learning and developmental model with an emphasis on creating awareness so that clients can choose goals that promote their growth and development, while gaining what they feel are the qualities of a fulfilling life. 


  • Commit to improving your life

  • Review the obstacles

  • Evaluate new strategies

  • Apply what you've learned

  • Take Inventory of what has worked and what hasn't

  • Emerge into your new life with Confidence and Clarity 

Coach's Qualifications

Cristina Berard holds a Master Degree of Education in Counseling from Providence College, where she focused on Person-Centered, Cognitive-Behavior, Positive Psychology approaches.  She has trained and received a certification in neurofeedback from Dr. Ed Hamlin and Sebern Fisher, from EEG Education and Research.  Cristina has been in practice for several years.  At A Mind of Your Own, she offers both Neurofeedback and Wellness Coaching Services.  Her approaches are brain-based and include both Top-Down approach (Coaching) and Bottom-Up (Neurofeedback).  One teaches the brain how to stabilize itself by balancing brainwaves and the other teaches the individual skills to facilitate life and achieve goals.  

Cristina also has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Pharmacy from the University of Rhode Island and is a licensed practitioner in the state of Rhode Island.  In the early 1990's Cristina was part of The Quality Improvement team at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Hanover, New Hampshire.  She was responsible for evaluating the workflow and morale of the pharmacy department and developing measurable methods to improve the work environment and improve outcomes.  

She then worked for CVS pharmacy in Rhode Island, where in addition to her daily clinical responsibilities, she worked with the district managers in developing technician training materials, and on improving workflow in the departments.  Her work was incorporated as part of standard workflow procedures across the company nationwide.  

Cristina has combined her abilities to asses and evaluate clients with her counseling skills and applies them successfully to a wellness coaching approach where she facilitates a Client's innate capacity for positive growth and change.  

Wellness Coaching Fee


1) Single sessions $125.00

    a. Understanding that a Wellness Coaching is not a "quick fix", I rarely recommend a single session.  But if an

        individual session is needed, I do offer a 50 minute session.  


The following are a list of plans, there is a significant discount per session when paid in full:

2) Motivate and Clarify $400.00

     a. A 50 minute discovery session, where I learn more about you and the goals you hope to achieve.

     b. Includes 4 x 50 minute sessions

     c. Sessions are valid for 12 months after booking.  Each session is booked in advance and may be rescheduled with a 24               hour notice.

3) Health and Wellness $800.00

     a. A 50 minute discovery session, where I learn more about you and the goals you hope to achieve.

     b. Includes 8 x 50 minute sessions 

     c. Email support for questions in between sessions.

     d. Sessions are valid for 12 months after booking.

4) Flourish and Thrive $1,200.00

     a. A 50 minute discovery session, which allows me to learn more about you and the goals you hope to achieve.  

     b. Includes 12 x 50 minute sessions

     c. Email support for questions in between sessions.

     d. Sessions are valid for 12 months in between sessions.


Telehealth Wellness Sessions

What Wellness Coaching Is Not

An email will be sent to you which includes a link to our Zoom or Doximity online session.  Once logged in you will see a virtual waiting room where you can sign in.  

Wellness coaching is NOT psychotherapy.  It does not treat or diagnose medical or psychological conditions.  It is meant to guide, support and inspire a client.