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A Mind of Your Own Life Coaching

Life coaching is a process of helping you achieve your personal and professional goals. A life coach is a trained professional who supports you in finding clarity, overcoming challenges, and taking action. A life coach can help you with various aspects of your life, such as career, relationships, health, finances, spirituality, and more.

Are you experiencing stress due to life transitions?  You may be feeling overwhelmed with the responsibilities before you.  Are you wondering about your purpose in life? Perhaps you’re seeking more meaningful work? You might be finding it difficult juggling work, family and personal time.  It’s a time of promise and excitement, but it can also bring up worries about expectations and fears you’re not living up to your true potential. 

You sense that you could be happier, more content, but you feel a bit like you're swimming in the weeds.  In our sessions, we'll identify the obstacles that stand in your way, but also just as important, rediscover your strengths, your weaknesses and how your goals resonate with your core values, or don't.  

We’ll take a systems approach and explore what’s going on in your external world, but also understand how your internal life is affecting your relationships, your dreams and your work life.  I’ll help you express your innate gifts to foster more joy in your daily life. Using mindfulness, positive psychology tools and a person-centered approach, you’ll gain more clarity and confidence in reaching your goals. 
Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed or just stuck, A Mind of Your Own Life Coaching can help you flourish.  
A Mind of Your Own Owner
Striving Towards Your Goal


I incorporate my background in counseling, my pharmacy background and my own personal growth and challenges to offer a holistic approach to coaching.  I believe that each client has an innate ability to heal and grow given support and guidance.  We don't only target the emotional landscape, but also assess other variables that might be contributing to your situation.  Are you on medications?  Are there supplements you can take that could facilitate the process?  Are there other supports you could add to your life to help you lighten the load of responsibility?  We all need a "sherpa" once in while, someone who can be objective and teach us new skills along life's mountain climb.  
Life coaching sessions are different than psychotherapy.  I once heard someone describe it as the following,  think of life coaching sessions as an individual training for a marathon.  They are relatively healthy, they just need help from an expert than can assess their lifestyle, offer guidance on how to they can strengthen their lifestyle so they can achieve their goal.  Psychotherapy is akin to a person needed physical therapy because they've broken their foot and now need help regaining a healthy, stable range of motion and strength. Both approaches do overlap somewhat, but where as life coaching strives to guide you to live the best life you can live, psychotherapy is a medical treatment to help you get better psychologically.  

So whether you're unhappy with your current career, an athlete trying to improve their game, a parent feeling overwhelmed or stuck with daily obligations or are a student in college, A Mind of Your Own Life Coaching can help you achieve your goals.

Achieving Your Goals

Life Coaching and Psychotherapy

Life Coaching Sessions

Life Coaching Sessions can be as few or as many as you need.  Is it a specific issue you need help clarifying?  Perhaps it's needing help getting your life back on track, whatever your situation, life coaching sessions can help you reach your true potential.   
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Life Coaching Fee


50 minute session:  $130.00


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