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An initial free phone consultation is offered to answer any questions you may have regarding neurofeedback sessions. An in person consultation can then be scheduled where we can address:
  • Any questions you may have 
  • Goals you want to achieve
  • What an actual Neurofeedback session entails
  • Review Intake Forms and Symptom Assessment (found at the bottom of this page, click to download) Please fill out each page to the best of your ability.
  • Discuss whether neurofeedback is appropriate 
  • Schedule training sessions
  • Sliding fee scale: $80.00-$100.00per session
  • Mini Map Assessment: $200.00
  • Methods of Payment: Cash, Check, Credit Card


50 minute sessions:  $130.00


Benefits of Self-Paying for Therapy Sessions

1. Confidentiality and course of therapy remains between you and your therapist. There’s no need to include a third party with a required psychiatric diagnosis in order to get sessions covered. 

​2. You have a choice to find someone you resonate with and who offers a variety of therapy options and is not constrained by insurance requirements.


3. Self pay sessions allow you to focus on the challenges you face, and just as important, it helps you identify your strengths and how to capitililze on them and use them to your advantage.  


4. You can also decide how often and how long the sessions last.

5. Overall, it gives you more control and flexibility over your healing process without interference from an insurance representative.  

Contact Us

2145 Diamond Hill Road

Second Floor, Suite 3

Cumberland, RI 02864

Phone: 401-486-5642 


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Client Neurofeedback Forms
Click on the tabs below to access the forms. 
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