Rhode Island Neurofeedback Therapist

Cristina Berard Neurofeedback Therapist in Rhode Island
Cristina Berard, RPh, MEd
Founder of A Mind of Your Own
Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy
University of Rhode Island
Masters of Education in Counseling
Providence College
Residency in Counseling
Interfaith Counseling Center
Providence, RI
Author of Magic at the Library
Founder of: Find Your Creative Life
Creator of: Self Discovery Through Art Online Course
Magic At The Library Book

Why did a pharmacist start a Wellness Coaching Practice and Offer Neurofeedback Therapy?

I'm frequently asked why I left pharmacy.  Years ago I was in a major care accident, and although initially I had no symptoms, over the years I began experiencing anxiety and panic attacks.  I tried a variety of traditional therapies as well as other althernative approaches, but my symptoms were getting worse.  A friend finally recommended I try neurofeedback.  I dragged my feet for 6 months, and finally made an appointment.  That first week changed my life, personally and professionally.  Not only did my anxiety improve, my panic attacks disappeared and as a side note some symptoms I had had for years, related to Multiple Sclerosis disappeared as well and we weren't even targeting MS symptoms.  After that personal experience, I was captivated by this simple yet powerful technique.  I am a licensed pharmacist and have counseled many clients with anxiety, depression, ADHD and PTSD and although medications can be lifesaving, I also saw how adverse drug reactions and side effects can complicate the healing process. Having a background in counseling, I understood that neurofeedback could potentially play an important role in the healing process.  My approach to pharmacy was an integrative one, I often suggested that my clients incorporate credible complimentary therapies as a part of their healing regimen. So I took that approach and incorporate it into a Wellness Coaching Service that offers neurofeedback when needed.  


I received a certification in neurofeedback from EEG Education and Research and trained with Ed Hamlin, PhD who is at the cutting edge of neurofeedback research and completed an internship with Larry Hirshberg, PhD,  a professor at Brown University, who also does research and gathers clinical data on neurofeedback therapy and outcomes.  


In addition, I continue to collaborate with Nancy Hetherington, LICSW, who has outstanding clinical skills and is an accomplished neurofeedback therapist, as well as attend lectures by Sebern Fisher, a pioneer in the field of neurofeedback and developmental trauma.