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Does Your Life Feel Stale and Stuck?

Self Discovery Through Art

8 Week Expressive Arts Online Program

Using the arts as a platform for healing and reigniting a joy filled life.  You'll be guided every step of the way.  Come unleash your soul and learn to have fun again through the use of paint, photography and writing.  Go at your own pace, stay connected and join a group of like minded individuals, that use creativity to find and express themselves, process emotions and find beauty in the world. 

Do you feel you’ve lost your spark?

Have you wondered where you can find fulfillment in life again?

Do you miss the exuberance you felt over small things as a child?

Have you thought about doing something fun and creative, but just thinking about starting is overwhelming?

Do you spend time online just looking for ideas and wonder how you can put a bit of “magic” back in your life?

Or have you been through challenging times of loss and despair and need to heal your soul?

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You are Not Alone!

I’m the founder of A Mind of Your Own, a therapy practice where I incorporate various forms of healing modalities.  In addition to the standard treatments, I often encourage and help my clients to find their creative spark. 

There is a plethora of research that shows how beneficial creativity is to  human beings.  It is in our nature to want to create.  Whether you choose music, art, gardening, or woodworking, it doesn’t matter, being creative uses a different part of our brain, the part that allows us to relax and feel joy and freedom again. 

I incorporate various forms of creativity into my life.  I often say, that for me its like breathing.  Initially I provided one on one guidance with my clients, but with the challenges that we all faced in 2020, I realized there was a need to reach out in a more permanent manner to a larger community. 


So how can I help you find your spark?

I’ve experienced the freedom and the joy that creativity has brought into my life.  Over the years I have taken courses that inspire me.  I have formed true friendships along the way.


In Self-Discovery Through Art, I have brought together my knowledge in counseling with my love of art and developed a course that teaches the basic skills you will need to begin your own creative process with paint, photography and music. 

I know how overwhelming it can be to start from scratch.  So let me get you out of that maze of confusion and provide you a clear path to develop your own unique experience.

Self Discovery Through Art

Is an 8 week program that will focus on helping you find your freedom, identify what truly brings you joy, and will demystify the needlessly intimidating practice of creating art. 
  • You will get weekly video sessions with lessons.

  • Weekly journal assignments that reflect on that week’s lesson.

  • An additional weekly informative/inspiring video from other experts in the field.

  • The opportunity to join a private Facebook group, where you are encouraged to post your paintings, photographs, journal entries and whatever else you feel comfortable sharing. 

  • You will have access to a large resource section, where you’ll find bonus videos of other artists, therapists and creative souls.


  • You will have access to written material available for download.

  • You will also be able to contact me for questions directly through email for the duration of the program. 

  • You will be guided to explore your interests and passions.

  • You will be able to watch my painting demos as much or as little as you like.

  • But most importantly you will be gently nudged to go beyond your comfort zone in order to find that part of you that has been quiet for far too long. 

What will you gain?

  • You’ll discover what brings you joy.

  • The skills to be able to identify and establish your own creative life.

  • How to express yourself with freedom and the exuberance you once new as a child.

  • Create for pleasure not to impress.

  • A connection to that deeper part of you that has been waiting patiently for the opportunity to speak in the language that only the soul understands. 

  • The elements of design to facilitate your creative endeavors now and in the future.

What Are People Saying?

“Cristina Berard is one of the most creative and thoughtful people I know. She is an artist, a writer, and a healer. Her online videos show how making original art can liberate the mind and heart, and her enthusiasm welcomes beginners and experienced artists alike.”

                                                                             --Anne Diffily

“When I heard that Cristina was developing a healing through art course, I thought how perfect! Her considerable skills in counseling are aimed at healing the person with whom she works. She also produces remarkable art, incorporating her own struggles and her very soul into the images. They are inspiring and truly lovely. The idea of integrating her art and her therapeutic mind is really brilliant and would benefit anyone seeking to heal by means of artistic expression. Cristina is the very embodiment of such an approach.”     

                                                                             –Nancy Hetherington, Psychotherapist

“Having known Cristina for several years, I became aware that she has a special gift for seeing the world through an artist’s lens.  She finds beauty in the simplest of things, such as a pattern of frost on a window pane, or the texture of a favorite sweater.  We could all enrich our lives by emulating Cristina's great appreciation for both the natural beauty all around us, and the healing power of art in our everyday lives.”

                                                                            -Linda Giordano, Learning Disability Specialist

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